Tuesday Poem: ‘Tetley Bay Camping Ground’ by Kay Corns

Tetley Bay Camping Ground

My first holiday crush wears red flippers in a high tide,
I have slide show dreams about him every night.

His name is Warren or Warren love, between his eyes
is a line – like he’s thinking really hard. His mum says all

the men in the family have got one. But he told me it’s a scar
he got from a fight and that his real name is Geronimo.

When everyone’s still asleep we sneak out to the Jump rock
and dive bomb the rush of water between each wave.

We chase seagulls and bark like dogs then collect sand to put
in the big underpants that hang outside the laundry block.

His parents come to our tent most evenings they drink
beer, sing songs and burn the sausages on the barbee.

Nobody cares except the manager who also comes most
nights and says This is your last warning.

Kay Corns has just completed the MA in creative writing at the International Institute of Modern Letters. Her poems have previously appeared in 4th Floor Literary Journal, Turbine and Sport. She is currently living just out of Wellington and learning how to catch the train on time.

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8 thoughts on “Tuesday Poem: ‘Tetley Bay Camping Ground’ by Kay Corns

  1. I really like this poem. It’s really vivid, and brings back my own memories of camping as a child (I hate it now). I like the first couplet especially. Thanks Kay, and thanks Sarah.

  2. This wee poem is absolutely gorgeous and captures the teasing, campy voice of the ten year old girl brilliantly. The red flippers, the undies, the burnt sausages: exquisite. I love it. The couplets are great and everything about it is perfect.

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