Tuesday Poem: “Rendezvous” by Mary Cresswell


Meet me at the corner
of Yearning and Lack
where the old red trams
rattled and clanked as they
took that last tight curve
where the line crests
the hill — you’ll remember
it well — we saw
the coast so far below
reaching for the horizon
almost successfully
and in front of us the track
crumbled to a stop in an
embarrassment of rust

“Rendezvous” appears in Trace Fossils, Cresswell’s most recent collection of poetry that was published by Steele Roberts in March, 2011 (the poem first appeared in Snorkel #9).

On the Snorkel website, Cresswell writes: “This poem started out as an exercise in word abuse, specifically of place names. It somehow ended up describing the railway line going north, one of my favourite views. I’m not sure how the trams got in — I never saw a Wellington tram myself and doubt they got to Pukerua Bay, even on the most effervescent of Friday nights — but they are quite welcome.” The image that grabs me is of the coast reaching for the horizon, almost successfully. I spent a good few minutes picturing the coast thinning out into a line, but not quite hitting the horizon. Beautiful.

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