Who needs feminism?

I do! We all do. Yesterday I submitted a photo saying why I need feminism to the Who Needs Feminism website.

This is their spiel: “Inspired by the awesome students at Duke University, The National Council of Women of New Zealand (NCWNZ) has launched its own NZ-based version of the ‘Who Needs Feminism?’ campaign. We want to challenge misconceptions about feminism… and show that it is important to ALL of us today.”

Why do you need feminism?

6 thoughts on “Who needs feminism?

  1. This isn’t relevant to your post or your photo, but I’m loving “A Man Runs into a Woman”. I admire the artistry so much that sometimes I feel like Eric Clapton did when he first saw Jimi Hendrix play and Eric thought maybe he should pack it in. But I guess we all have our own unique voice and (hopefully in my case) something to offer the world through our poetry.

    “A Man Runs into a Woman” is your debut collection, isn’t it? Stunning debut, Sarah!!!!

  2. There is a group on facebook that has caught my attention called “The Uprising of Women in the Arab Word” ….. they do a similar thing, with the photos, only some of them hide their faces. So glad i live in a country where we have freedom of speech.
    Great pic 🙂

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