Tuesday Poem: ‘all the love poems’ by Bill Nelson

love_poemsBill Nelson won the Biggs Poetry prize for best poetry portfolio at the IIML in 2009. His writing has appeared in Hue & Cry, Sport, The Lumière Reader, Blackmail Press, 4th Floor, and Swamp. He has also guest edited at Turbine and Blackmail Press.

Bill’s poetry has featured as the Tuesday Poem on my blog twice before with “Vocal” and “Against Boredom”. As you may be able to guess, I’m a fan of his work. A thread I notice running through Bill’s work – which can also be said for “all the love poems” – is the way he makes the reader question something they take for granted. Even though “all the love poems” seems to make fun of other love poems, the final image where the speaker leaves the “love poem \ outside \ for the rain to clothe” suggests that the poet also feels sentimental. The poet won’t rest in the image too long, though, and immediately undercuts it with the instruction about strawberries. For me, I end up thinking about whether my own offerings of love are boring and cliche, or as clever as Bill’s poem.

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3 thoughts on “Tuesday Poem: ‘all the love poems’ by Bill Nelson

  1. There is such great humour in this! But, yes, I, too, really felt that halting repetition of ‘I once left a love poem’, followed by the ‘rain to clothe’ – it was like finding a little (searched for?) gap. Wonderful.

  2. … but he didn’t, Andrew! I love the way this encompasses so much in that broad-reaching title and then focuses on such details (that last line is perfect)… this is a wonderful small thing, with such snappy rhythms. Love it! I can see why you are a fan.

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