My First Time: LitCrawl 2016

To round out the year I thought I’d post some photographs from LitCrawl 2016. I was part of My First Time, an experiment in writing and theatre where three pieces of writing were adapted into live stage experiences by theatre directors. I was paired with director Claire Noble, and she worked with actors John and Jen to turn my poem ‘Ghosts’ (from WORK) into a theatre piece, which was shown at Double Denim HQ. The show was sold out and amazing! Thank you to Matt Bialostocki for these photographs.





2 thoughts on “My First Time: LitCrawl 2016

  1. Sarah – – – I have just finished reading your writing in the Herald Canvas Magazine – Suffering is Optional – – I was just so moved by it – and it explained perfectly to me why I ran for over 30 years – not starting until I was 47 — it was my time most days to be Me – – You captured the feeling so well – – it was my escape route and to meet people who I would not otherwise have met – my husband felt I was obsessed – but each day I came back refreshed —- thank you — will now be out sourcing your books

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