To Eleanor, With Love

A lot has been written about Eleanor Catton's interview on liveMint TV and Sean Plunket's response to that interview (see The Dim Post, Gordon Campbell, Morgan Godfery). What was overlooked in the kerfuffle were Catton's comments about New Zealanders' reluctance to express firm beliefs, in particular the beliefs New Zealand writers hold about writing. Catton said: But I think it is always a … Continue reading To Eleanor, With Love

Tuesday Poem: ‘El Prado’ by Harry Ricketts

El Prado A damp morning, just a touch nippy for January. You’re here in this indoor meadow, this art-house barn, randy for epiphany, or at least hoping to be surprised. So Raphael’s Transfiguration is certainly dramatic – in fact, quite literally uplifting. So why does that boy agoggle at Christ levitating leave you cold? Thirty-five … Continue reading Tuesday Poem: ‘El Prado’ by Harry Ricketts